Zlatana Knezevic

Personlig presentation av Zlatana Knezevic

Associate Senior Lecturer
Department of Social Work School of Health and Welfare


Initially I started as a gender studies scholar whose interest in childhoods and children led to a doctor's degree in social work. My dissertation focuses on intersecting justice issues and the conditions for children's participation in child welfare.

In my research, I cross disciplinary boundaries in the social sciences and humanities, typically by using postcolonial feminist theory, critical childhood studies and medical anthropology as inspiration. 


I teach in several different courses, including about international social work, international perspectives on social policy, ethnography, discourse analysis, gender-based violence, and organisation theory. In addition to this, I coordinate four courses and supervise and assess student theses.  

I am also international coordinator for the social work program with responsibility for internationalisation and sustainability. 

Course Coordinator


My current research interests focus primarily on how knowledges (scientific, professional, laypeople’s/service users’), and discourses on evidence enable and constrain views and practices related to social justice issues, particularly concenring childhoods and children. As part of this, I also study science, medicine and health as arenas for recognition, rights, power and resistances. Theory-practice intersections, and creative methods for knowledge dissemination, are additional areas of interest.