Outcome of three research projects

Three research projects which emanated as ideas and requests four years ago have now been completed.

Project 1 – A data-sharing case for SME, last-mile delivery actors

The purpose of this pilot project, in the form of so-called LivingLabs, was to develop a means to coordinate the various actors, both main supplier and subcontractor, who deliver goods and provide digital transport infrastructure. The Swedish Transport Administration financed the project as part of a large EU project.

Our employees who were involved in the project included Asif Huq, Madelen Lagin, Johan Håkansson and Mengjie Han.

Project 2 – Identifying environmentally friendly retail locations: Creating a web-based decision support system for retailers

The overall aim of the project, together with the Trade Research Institute, was to provide trading companies with the operational analytical tools required to enable them to localise their operations to minimise consumers’ needs for transportation with their own car. The specific goal was to develop and provide a decision support system, including an app, which would allow companies to identify the optimal location of one or more new stores (or delivery points in the case of e-commerce). The project was financed by The Kamprad Family Foundation.

In the opinion of both Professor Kenneth Carling and the financier, our employee Vijay P Paidi has done a very good job.

Project 3 - Do price comparison sites make trade more cyclically sensitive?

The project has studied how increased e-commerce and the increased use of price comparison sites, nationally and internationally, affect the retail branch, and the risk of transnational shocks. The project was financed by the Swedish Trade Council with co-financing from Dalarna University.

Charlie Lindgren collaborated with Trade Research Institute.

Kenneth Carling
Professor Microdata Analysis
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