Circular Economic Transformation in the Construction Industry - Case Study of Reuse, a desire to change?

Some of our colleagues recently attended the Scandinavian Conference in Industrial Engineering and Management held at University of South-Eastern Norway, Kongsberg, Norway.
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The conference included PhD Candidate Workshop Colloquiums.  Anna-Lena Berglund had been selected to present and shared her ongoing study of longitudinal research within the regional construction industry.  The audience included conference participants as well as Professor Daryl Powell and Professor Jon Mikel Zabala from the University of South-Eastern Norway. The research is being carried out via case studies, quality observations and focus-groups in workshops.

Anna-Lena presented an overview of her first year which included work on horizontal innovation and collaboration between different industry actors as well as the use of a so-called Re-use Workshop which focused on the transformation towards reuse and circular business models through horizontal innovation.  During the workshop the industry participants began to identify opportunities and challenges and begin work toward solutions.

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