Advancing Wind and Solar Energy Technologies

3 Days, 19 Speakers, 14 Categories focused on the advancement of wind and solar energy technology.

Recently, Professor André Augusto participated in Wind and Solar Synergy Week 2023 organised by the University of Freiburg and the University of Kassel, Germany.  A wide variety of topics were presented and discussed towards energy transition such as grid integration, photovoltaics, wind energy, and climate neutrality.

Professor André was one of the 19 speakers and presented his paper on Thin (and flexible) crystalline silicon solar cells: An opportunity to increase performance and reduce cost which was well received and contributed to ongoing discussions about how to increase cost-effective production capacity for new photovoltaics.

This sets the scene for future development where more renewable energies in various forms will be essential.  However, one issue is how to integrate these into the current electrical grid.  For this to work, the active involvement of consumers is very important.

Wind and Solar Synergy Week 2023 

Dalarna University’s current Energy and Built Environments Research 

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André Augusto
André Augusto
Professor Energy Engineering
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