Dalarna University has zero tolerance when it comes to discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

If you feel there is discrimination, harassment or victimisation at the University, then it is important you act. You should always be able to feel safe and secure here.

Report on Discrimination, Victimisation and Harassment

Help Is Available

First, contact your immediate manager and describe what is happening. If you do not want to or cannot talk to your immediate manager, you can choose to contact somebody else, such as the following staff members and representatives:

Office of Human Resources

Jenny Jonspers, HR Specialist in Work Environment and Rehabilitation
Phone: 023-77 83 38

Principal Work Environment Representatives

Michael Toivio
Phone: 023-77 82 45

Camilla Soderberg
Phone: 023-77 87 67

Trade Union Representatives


Michail Tonkonogi
Phone: 070-820 64 35


Anna-Carin Jonsson
Phone: 023-77 80 49

Occupational Health Care

(Previa changes its name to Falck on January 1, 2023)

You can book an initial meeting with a psychologist on your own. If you feel you would like to meet with them again, you need to contact either your immediate manager or their immediate manager. The same applies if you want to visit occupational healthcare services in regard to other matters.

Previa (Falck) in Borlänge

Phone: 0771-23 00 00

Previa (Falck) in Falun

Phone: 0771-23 00 00

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