Are you having personal issues at work?

If you are having personal issues at work or if you know that one of your colleagues is, then you should seek help.

No matter the source of your issues at work, start by talking to your immediate manager. If for any reason this is not possible, there are other things you can do. You can receive help from the following organisations, offices and staff members:

Occupational Health Care 

Currently, the University has a contract for such services with Falck.

Through Falck, you can meet, for example, a doctor, psychologist, ergonomics expert, physiotherapist and behavioural specialist.

You can book an initial meeting with a psychologist on your own. If you would like to meet with them again, you need to contact your immediate manager. The same procedure applies if you want to visit occupational healthcare services in relation to other matters.

Your immediate manager is responsible for your work environment and can authorise further services from Falck.



Phone: 0771-23 00 00

Information for Managers

If you have questions or require more information, you are welcome to contact the Office of Human Resources or Falck directly.

Office of Human Resources


Principal Work Environment Representatives

If you have an issue with your working environment, you can contact one of the two members of staff appointed to represent staff interests in relation to the working environment.

Michael Toivio
Phone: 023-77 82 45

Camilla Söderberg
Phone: 023-77 87 67

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