Insurance Coverage

Here is a brief overview of our insurance policies and your insurance coverage.

Personal Insurance


The government provides all employees with life insurance through an occupational insurance scheme called tjänstegrupplivförsäkring as well as personal injury insurance for injuries sustained at the workplace.

Accidents that happen while travelling to and from work are also included here.


All students are insured when they are at the University, when travelling to and from the University, and during study visits/trips organised by the University. Before a student begins a placement (praktik), they need to review what insurance coverage applies.

Exchange students (through exchange agreements) have health and dental insurance. Students studying abroad have additional insurance cover that applies in certain situations, including theft.

Work Trips and Travel

If you travel for work reasons, you are covered by insurance. The insurance covers emergency medical and dental care, and any costs for returning home unexpectedly. If your private belongings are stolen during your work trip, you will receive compensation up to a certain amount.

Before embarking on a work trip within the EU or Switzerland, order a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from Sweden’s social insurance office, Försäkringskassan. If you are travelling to other parts of the world, ask the Office of Human Resources for a Swedish State Business Travel Insurance Certificate. This document shows that you are insured through your employer.

Insurance of Contents and Equipment

All contents and equipment owned or rented by the University are covered by insurance, with the exception of art.

In the Event of Injury

  • Do what you can to prevent the injury from worsening.
  • After the emergency stage, document the injury. Use your phone to take pictures from different angles. Be sure to save all receipts associated with the injury, such as medical expenses.
  • Report damage to university property (premises, cars, equipment, etc.) to the Office of Campus and Facilities Planning by email. If you are abroad, file a police report and ask for a copy of the report. If you have suffered personal injury or theft of personal property in the line of work, make a claim as soon as possible to our insurance company.

Look after yourself and university property!

If you are negligent in any way, this may affect your claim for compensation from the insurance company.

Keep in mind that all injuries are unique and are assessed on an individual basis.

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