All students are covered by Swedish Personal Injury Insurance. In addition, international students can claim for expenses that relate to emergency medical or dental care with Student IN Insurance.

Personal Injury Insurance

All registered students are covered for personal injuries. The insurance provides coverage during your time at school and on practical placements which are a part of your studies. You are also covered during your commute to and from your institute of higher education or placement (unless a vehicle is involved, then you are covered by the vehicle's insurance). This insurance is free of charge and you are covered automatically.

Health and Liability Insurance 

This information applies to all international students at Dalarna University, including fee paying students

In addition to personal injury insurance, you are also covered by the insurance "Student IN". The insurance is valid two weeks before and two weeks after the studies/internship, if the insured is in Sweden.

This insurance provides emergency medical or dental care, home transport, personal property coverage, third party liability and legal protection. NOTE: No costs of pregnancy or childbirth are reimbursed.

The insurance covers the insured in Sweden for the duration of the insureds studies or internship. The deductible is only for personal property coverage and is 1,500 SEK. The insurance is free of charge, and valid for all international students coming to Dalarna to study full-time.

When visiting a health clinic If you are unable to pay, ask the medical provider to send you the bill to your Swedish address. Enclose the bill with the claim form (see below) and send to

European Health Insurance Cardholders

If you are from an EU country, then you need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card in your country before you depart for Sweden. You will need this card when seeking medical care in Sweden. 

How To Claim Insurance

Contact if you need to make a claim. Do not contact Kammarkollegiet directly.

To claim insurance, you need to complete the Claim Form - Exchange students in Sweden (pdf), enclose all original receipts, and send to:

Högskolan Dalarna
S-791 88 Falun, Sweden

If you are unable to pay, ask the medical provider to send you the bill to your Swedish address. Enclose the bill with the claim form to the address above.

Insurance for Students Going Abroad

If you're a registered student at Dalarna University and will be studying or placed abroad through an exchange agreement or other type of agreement, you are covered by the insurance called Student UT.

The insurance is valid two weeks before and after your departure from Sweden. Student UT provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage in the country where you're studying or on a placement. 

This insurance provides medical and dental coverage, home transport, personal property coverage, third-party liability and legal protection.

Family Members

The University does not insure family members that are coming with you to Sweden. Be sure to secure insurance for them in your home country before your departure.

Proof of Insurance for Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket)

If you are asked in your application for a residence permit to prove that you have insurance coverage during your studies at Dalarna University, upload this file: Insurance Information (pdf).

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