Salary Setting

At Dalarna University, salaries are set on an individual basis.

Your salary is based on the difficulty of your work duties, your responsibilities and your work results. Supply and demand in the labour market can also affect your salary.

Annual Salary Review (lönerevision)

Usually, your salary is reviewed once a year. Unless otherwise agreed, your final salary is set through negotiation between your employer (the University in this case) and your trade union. If you do not belong to a union, then it is the University that sets your salary.

Your salary may also change with promotion or acquisition of new professional competence: for example, you may study and gain an additional qualification or you may be allocated increased responsibility.

Salary Meeting (lönesamtal) with Your Immediate Manager

At the time of the annual salary review, you are also able to meet your immediate manager to talk about your salary (lönesamtal). During this meeting, you can find out more about the salary criteria and about what you can do to secure a raise in salary at the next annual salary review. Note that this lönesamtal meeting is not a time for negotiation: it is a time simply for dialogue.

Doctoral Students

If you are a doctoral student, you monthly salary is determined by the three doctoral levels:

  • Starting salary: SEK 29 500
  • Upon completion of your licentiate degree or when 50 percent of the requirements for a doctoral degree are met: SEK 32 050
  • When 80 percent of the requirements for a doctoral degree are met: SEK 34 550

As a doctoral student, you will also receive a salary supplement of SEK 500/month after receiving a passing grade in the course Högskolepedagogisk utbildning (7.5 credits).

Doctoral Degree, Docentur and Pedagogisk Meritering

If you are currently a doctoral student, if you have been appointed as docent or if you been awarded a teaching qualification (pedagogisk meritering), you will receive an increase in salary when:

  • you are awarded your doctoral degree: SEK 2 000
  • you are appointed as docent: SEK 2 600
  • you are appointed as a Recognised University Teacher (meriterad lärare): SEK 1 300
  • you are appointed as a Distinguished University Teacher (excellent lärare): SEK 2 600
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