Social Activities Association (Fritidsföreningen)

The University's social activities association – best known as the Fritidsföreningen – organises and hosts fun and enjoyable activities and events throughout the year to all university employees.

By promoting activities and events, it aims to offer employees the chance to meet up beyond the workplace. When you become a member, you can take part in sporting activities, try your hand at new hobbies, attend concerts and other types of events at a subsidised cost, and a whole lot more.

Become a Member!

  • The annual membership fee is SEK 100
  • Pay by Swish: 123 087 99 81 or postgiro: 71 68 75-0
  • Mark the payment Medlemskap and include your name.

Activities and Events 2023

You can see upcoming activities and events in the calendar Activities and Events

Sign up for those that interest you by using the electronic form available for each one in the calendar. Or contact for guidance. 

More Ideas

Do these on your own or with colleagues. Ideas for how to use your Health and Wellness Hour (

Hitta ut – discover the outdoors close to home

Get to know your local surroundings in your hunt for checkpoints with “Hitta ut”. Take the map with you on your walk, bike ride, or run: that way you activate both body and mind while perhaps discovering new places in the process! At each checkpoint, there is a letter code that you can register in your account. Take part to have the chance to win great prizes. Everyone can take part on their own terms, 24 hours, throughout the season, which usually runs from May to October.

Hittaut - – How It Works

Nature Map (Naturkartan)

Use the nature map to find new favourite places in Borlänge and Falun. Access the nature map on a website or in an app for smartphones. It will be your guide in the natural oudoors and give you information about nature reserves, hiking trails, and places with great views of the local landscape.

The nature map is free of charge and you build on it over time. It’s simple to use, and you can easily see where you are and what you can discover in your immediate area. Several nature reserves, hiking trails, and outdoor areas can be found in the app. The company OutdoorMap has developed Naturkartan in collaboration with the National Land Survey (Lantmäteriet), the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) and some of Sweden’s leading outdoor municipalities and county administrative boards. The app is available for use on both Android phones and iPhones:

Borlänge municipality – Naturkartan

Falun municipality – Naturkartan

Art Exhibitions

Both the Borlänge public library and the Falun public library have annual exhibitions of contemporary artwork by both national and international artists.

Utställningshallen (exhibition hall) – Borlänge (

Galleri Hörnan – homepage (

About the Assocation

  • The membership fee is SEK 100 per calendar year. 
  • Subsidisation of activities may not exceed 50 percent.
  • Alcohol is not subsidised.
  • The activities should be diverse enough that there is something of interest for everyone.
  • The association board works on a voluntary basis.
  • Members are welcome both to attend meetings held each semester and to contribute their ideas and, when possible, their time.

Do you have an idea for an activity or do you have questions? Please contact us by email.

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Social Activities Association
Association Board

The association board works on a voluntary basis.

  • Martin Ström, Chair
  • Julia Wiman, Treasurer
  • Cecilia Wijnbladh, Secretary
  • Lena Dahlstrand, Member
  • Anders Gårdestig, Member
  • Madelene Håll, Member
  • Johan Sonne, Member
  • Ina Fyhr, Deputy Member
  • Emma Norman, Deputy Member

Get inspired and experience more!

Do you have an idea for an activity or do you have questions? Please contact us by email

Activities 2023

The association's members arrange activities according to interest and wishes, and also advise on activities available in the local area throughout the year.

Outdoor Activities and Workouts 

  • Workout with Lena (several times throughout the year)
  • Mountain Bike (spring semester)
  • Golf (spring semester)
  • Kayak (spring semester)
  • Icelandic horse riding (autumn semester)
  • Test-out running session (autumn semester)

Creativity and Crafts

  • Photography (spring semester)
  • Watercolour painting (autumn semester)
  • Candle-making (autumn semester)

Culture and Entertainment

  • Concert: "A Little Bit of Love" (spring semester)
  • Musical Cabaret (autumn semester)
  • Stand up with Nour El Refai (autumn semester)

Recreation and Inspiration

  • Seminar: Stress and ill health, and how to avoid it (spring semester)
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