Health and Wellness Hour (Friskvårdstimme)

If you have a part-time position that is at minimum 50 percent of full-time, then you are entitled to spend one hour per week of your paid working time on a health and wellness activity.

It is important that you choose a time to use your weekly health and wellness hour (friskvårdstimme) that does not interrupt your work duties and that is convenient to your colleagues.

Do What You Enjoy

Badminton, yoga, weight training, walking - these are just a few examples. How you decide to use your health and fitness hour is entirely up to you. 

The main thing is that your chosen activity contributes to your health and wellness.

Why not think about how you get to work, for example? If you walk, run or cycle, then you can incorporate your health and wellness hour into your commute.

You Cannot Bank Your friskvårdstimme

The idea behind this health and wellness hour is that it encourages you to be active on a regular basis. This is why you cannot bank the hour for later use. If you have not used your hour by the end of the week, then you simply lose it.

Keep Track of Your Time

Keep in mind that the health and wellness hour is exactly 60 minutes. If you need more time for your activity so that you can, for example, change or shower, then you will need to use your flexitime for this.

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