Ulrika Byrskog

Personlig presentation av Ulrika Byrskog

Med dr, Nursing
Senior Lecturer vårdvetenskap inr repr/perinatal omv, Nursing

I am a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Education, Health and Social Studies at Dalarna University. I became a registered nurse in 1992 and a registered midwife in 2006 and have clinical experience in renal care, infectious diseases, intensive care, and sexual and reproductive health in pre- post- and labor wards.

Since 2012 I have been involved in the development and implementation of the SIDA-supported midwifery instructor education partnership with Dalarna University and three universities at the Horn of Africa. I am currently involved as course leader, examiner and supervisor in its expansion and implementation within universities throughout Bangladesh, supported by UNFPA, in our national midwifery education and in the master program in global sexual and reproductive health. I am also project leader for the Linnaeus-Palme partnership between Dalarna University and Gambia College, School of Nursing and Midwifery.

I started doctoral studies in 2010 and defended my PhD thesis ’Moving On’ and Transitional Bridges. Studies on migration, violence and wellbeing in encounters with Somali-born women and the maternity health care in Sweden at Uppsala University in 2015. The main focus of research so far has been migration and women’s health. In 2016 I received a post-doctoral grant from FORTE for research studies including the Hooyo-project; an intervention study with group antenatal care and a register based study evalutating doula-support during labour to migrant women. I am part of the research networks EMMA - Enhanced Maternity care for Migrant families; Research to Action, and ROAM; Reproductive Outcomes And Migration.