Personlig presentation av Mats Tegmark

Associate Professor, English
PhD, English
Senior Lecturer Educational Work, Educational Work 1

Mats Tegmark is associate professor of English didactics at Dalarna University, where he has taught English-speaking literature and culture, writing, and literary theory. Between 2009 and 2020 he was head of development for Dalarna University’s teacher education. He has a PhD degree in American Literature from Uppsala University and his doctoral thesis is a reader-oriented study of the American writer Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam fiction, In the Shoes of a Soldier: Communication in Tim O’Brien’s Vietnam Narratives (1998). Since then he has done research on constructions of subjectivity in in award-winning American fiction of the 1990s as well as on the teaching and learning of English as a second language. At present he is involved in a joint research project entitled To Read or Not the Read: A Study of Reading Practices in Swedish Compulsory School where he focuses specifically on reading instruction in the subject of L2 English. As former head of development of teacher education Tegmark is also interested in teaching and learning in higher education in general, and student teachers’ development of scientific and professional competence in particular. From 2020 he has a position as senior lecturer in Educational Work and teaches primarily on the doctoral program. During the years 2020-2022 he is also coordinator for the NorTED (Nordic Research School for Teacher Education Relevant Research).