Study on Gender-Based Vulnerability and Sexual Harassment

Thirty-eight higher education institutions (HEIs) in Sweden are currently working together on a study that will look at sexual harassment and gender-based vulnerability in academia.

The aim of the study is to acquire research-based knowledge on the extent of this problem and the consequences it has for students, employees, and doctoral students.

Contracted by Sweden’s HEIs, Statistics Sweden (SCB) will distribute a questionnaire in May to a group of randomly selected students and employees. Dalarna University has taken part in discussions relating to the questionnaire and in such a way contributed to its development. Karolinska institutet is in charge of the practicalities involved with its implementation.

If you are one of those randomly selected, we would very much encourage you to complete the questionnaire

It is extremely important that we achieve a high response rate. We will be able to view results that are both general for all the HEIs and, on the condition that anonymity can be guaranteed, specific for Dalarna University. Results will be used to follow developments over time as well as to take measures, both preventative and supportive, that will lead to universities that are free from harassment.

Facts about the selection and the study

Currently, the sector is made up of close to 500 000 individuals (80 000 teachers and 420 000 students). Of these, 125 000 (or 25 percent) will receive the questionnaire. There will be three versions – one for teachers, one for doctoral students, and one for students – and it will be available in both Swedish and English. You can find more information about the study and questionnaire here.

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