See you on campus this autumn – plans to return to teaching on campus

The return to campus will take place in stages, and the aim is that teaching will have resumed fully in its regular form by study period 2 (läsperiod 2), 2021 (early November) at the latest

This proposal is based on the June 1 withdrawal of the recommendation that all adult education be by distance, which opened up for new decisions by universities.

– At the same time, it’s important to remember that the pandemic is not yet over. This, however, is the plan as it stands just now until such time as we need to decide otherwise. I am very much looking forward to finally seeing colleagues and students on campus again, says the Vice-Chancellor.

The decision on Net-Based and Blended Teaching for Autumn Semester 2021 remains in place, but with certain changes:

  • August 23:
    Campus doors will no longer be locked.
  • From the semester start:
    All forms of examination and other practical components/skills training can be held on campus. Look in to Learn to know about your programme or course.
  • From study period 2 (läsperiod 2), unless stated otherwise:
    • Returning to the forms of teaching stated in the course and programme syllabi: that is to say, teaching on campus can resume.
    • The university recommends blended learning as the form of instruction, and teachers should plan accordingly. This will allow students to take part in their courses even if they develop covid-19 symptoms and have to stay at home.
      Information about Covid-19 for Staff, Students and Visitors.
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