Thomas Sedelius

Personlig presentation av Thomas Sedelius

Professor Political Science
Political Science School of Culture and Society


Board Member in Committee for Academic Appointments


Current position

2023-present: Project Researcher in Political Science, Södertörn University, part-time

2018-present: Professor of Political Science, Dalarna University

Doctoral degree and associate professorship

2012: Associate Professor of Political Science, Dalarna University

2006: PhD in Political Science, Örebro University

2000: Master in Political Science, Örebro University 

Previous employment positions

2010-2018: Senior Lecturer in Political Science, Dalarna University

2009-2010: Post-doc in Political Science, Örebro University

2006-2009: Researcher/Substitute Lecturer in Political Science, Örebro University 

2000-2006: PhD Student, Örebro University

International research stays

2023/05: Guest lecturer, Sapienza University, Rome.

2018/11: Guest researcher/teacher, Charles University, Prague

2017/05: Guest researcher, University of Bergen

2016/05: Guest researcher, University of Bergen



Comparative politics, thesis supervision, social science methods, international relations, democratization, bachelor and master levels. About 8000 hrs of teaching at different programmes, courses and levels.


Maarika Kujanen, Tampere University (co-supervisor)

Veronica De Majo, Örebro University (co-supervisor) 

Jenny Åberg, Örebro University (main supervisor, PhD Defense 2020) 

Eva Hämberg, Örebro University (main supervisor, PhD Defense 2017) 

Erik Lundberg, Örebro University (co-supervisor, PhD Defense 2014)


Programme Director

Course Coordinator


Research interests

Comparative politics, democratisation, political institutions, executive politics, Central and Eastern Europe, presidentialism, parliamentarism, semi-presidentialism, political parties.

Grants and awards

2023-2026: The Foundation for Baltic and East European Studies (Östersjöstiftelsen): "Semi-Presidential Shifts in the Shadow of Russia: Executive Power and Party Behavior in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukarine" (Project Leader/PI). 

2020-2024: Academy of Finland: "Taming the Presidents? Exploring the Links between Presidential Activism, Policy-Making Capacity and Regime Legitimacy" (Participant)     

2015: East European Politics Prize 2013 (Best article award EEP)

2014-2018: Swedish Research Council (VR): “Semi-Presidentialism and Governability in Transitional Regimes” (Project leader)

2012-2015: Forte: ”Social tillsyn i teori och praktik” (Participant)

2006-2010: Swedish Research Council (VR): “The Dynamics of Hybrid Regimes” (Participant)

Other academic and public activities, selection 

2017-2023: Panel and/or Section leader, ECPR General Conferences.

2023/04/24-2023/04/28: Workshop leader (with Tapio Raunio) ”Presidents, Governments, and Policymaking”, ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Toulouse.

2023/02/09 Examining Committee Member, Natia Gamkrelidze’s PhD Dissertation “Reimagining Georgia”, Linnaeus University, Växjö.

2022/03/22: Table discussion on politics and democracy in Ukraine, SVT, Utrikesbyrån. 

2021-present: Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on Presidential Politics.

2020-2021: Research Director of the Research Profile Intercultural Studies (ISTUD), DU.

2020-2023: Member of the Dalarna University Board.

2019-2021: Vice Chairman, Doctoral Program Board, DU.

2018-2019: Expert Investigator for International IDEA and the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Berkely Univ. Final Report: Choudhry, S., Sedelius, T. & Kyrychenko, J. 2018. “Semi-Presidentialism and Inclusive Government in Ukraine: Reflections for Constitutional Reform”. Stockholm: International IDEA and Kyiv: Centre of Policy and Legal Reform. 

2017-2019: Head Representative [Ämnesföreträdare] of Political Science Department, DU 

2014-15: Faculty Dean, DU.