Camilla Vallhagen

Personlig presentation av Camilla Vallhagen

Office of Student Services and Education Administration Central Administration

In my role at the university, I am available to talk to both students and employees.


Human life, with everything that means, has always aroused my curiosity. How we are affected by our history and the context we have been part of. What bears us, what shapes us, and what challenges us. These I find interesting to think about and explore, openly and unconditionally.

I have been a Church of Sweden priest since the summer of 2000. Over the years, I have had different roles. For several years I was a parish priest but mostly I have been a hospital chaplain and was also for a time prison chaplain. I have always emphasised the individual conversation in my assignment and have a strong will to explore the path and potential of each individual I meet.

I have some basic education in psychotherapy with psychodynamic focus, and I am also certified mindfulness instructor. For several years, I served as a contact person for people subjected to sexual abuse and harassment within the sphere of the church.

In resent years, I have worked with writing as a way to heal as part of treatment for trauma: the method i called Write Your Self, for whitch I am trained councellor.