Thomas Strandberg

Personlig presentation av Thomas Strandberg

Visiting Professor Social Work
Department of Social Work School of Health and Welfare

As a researcher and teacher, I focus on the social science subject, social work which also is a major subject in the Social Work Programme. As a subject representative, I represent the subject both internally at the university, and externally in society.



I have my theoretical and professional background from social work with people with disabilities, and I worked previously in disability care before I became a teacher. After that, I worked as a teacher at the upper secondary school in the health care programme. I defended my thesis in 2006, in disability research, the topic was on person with acquired traumatic brain injury, the change over processes and consequences in everyday life.

In 2017, I became an associate professor of social work, and in association to that I was a research fellow at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Group, at Ingham Institute in Sydney.

I have also experience of academic leadership as head of department.


I am mainly teaching at the Social Work Programme in various courses where I lecture, examine and supervise students in their degree projects. I am currently supervising three doctoral students.


My research is mainly in the interdisciplinary field of disability research, where I am interested in how disabilities, of various kinds, affect people's activity and participation in everyday life, working life and in the society in general.