Kerstin Erlandsson

Personlig presentation av Kerstin Erlandsson

Professor Sexuell reproduktiv perinatal hälsa
School of Health and Welfare

With a Ph.D. from the Karolinska Institutet in 2007 and long experience working in low and high-resource settings, I have contributed to midwifery and nursing research education and practice.


Council for Sustainable Development
Advisory Council IHOV


Board Member in Utskott för granskning av utbildning


I collaborate on projects with researchers from other universities that aim to build the midwifery profession in India and Bangladesh and build capacity among East African leaders in the use of midwifery-led care. I also educate and supervise doctoral students at universities in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Karolinska Institute and Sophiahemmet University College, where I also have doctoral students.


We have a global profile in the subject Sexual Reproductive Perinatal Health. Together with my colleagues and students, we play an important role in building capacity for nursing and midwifery educators in Southeast Asia, East Africa, and West Africa, and in Sweden. For our efforts in Bangladesh, we have been awarded a collaboration prize from Dalarna University, which benefits the students in the subject.

Programme Director

Course Coordinator


My research focuses on Sexual, Reproductive, and Perinatal Health and the role that midwives play in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. Together with my colleagues, I aim to make research that can inspire improvements in midwifery-led care in Sweden and other countries. As a professor in the field, I want to continue developing the subject through research and teaching that protects the sexual and reproductive health achievements we have made in Sweden and equips midwives globally to provide good care within the midwifery discipline.

Research projects