Anna Ehrenberg

Personlig presentation av Anna Ehrenberg

Professor Nursing
Department of Nursing 1 School of Health and Welfare

I am Professor of Nursing and Head of Subject in Care Sciences in the School of Health and Welfare. I am the Chairperson of the Doctoral Programmes Board of the University and the Chairperson of the Doctoral Programmes Advisory Committee at the School.


Chairperson in University Doctoral Programmes Board


I have a degree in nursing and was made Professor in 2009. 

I have held positions at Dalarna University; Örebro University; and at the University of Alberta, Canada. 

I have served on the steering committee for the Swedish National Health Care Sciences Post-graduate School; on the board of the Centre for Clinical Research in Dalarna; the Swedish Society of Nursing; and on Dalarna University Governing Board. I am a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee at the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services. 


I am Head of Subject in Care Sciences in the School of Health and Welfare and teach on both the undergraduate and doctoral programmes.

I am the editor and author of several textbooks (in Swedish) about nursing: Omvårdnadens grunder; Omvårdnad på avancerad nivå: Kärnkompetenser inom sjuksköterskans specialistområden; and VIPS-boken: Välbefinnande, integritet, prevention, säkerhet.


My research areas are clinical decision-making and evidence-based practice in nursing; nursing informatics; and patient safety, with a specialisation in the care of older people in emergency care.

Research projects