Create a Webpage for Your Research Project

Make your research visible and accessible to a wider audience with a professional and informative webpage. What follows here is guidance on how to create a webpage for your research project.

Following the closure of the research database last autumn, a temporary solution has been developed to enable the sharing of research projects directly on the university website. The tool offers a platform to make research accessible and transparent to other researchers and the general public.

Some elements of the tool make it similar to the previous research database; however, this tool is not a database. Rather, it is a web interface that enables the sharing and communication of research projects in an easily accessible manner.

Create a Webpage for Your Research Project

Fill out the form with basic information about the project. You will be given access to the tool by the Office of Marketing and Communication. You then follow the instructions to customise and edit your page.

1. Fill out the form

Provide the necessary information about your research project. This includes basic details such as the project's name in Swedish and English, as well as the start and end dates of the project.

2. Access the webpage

After you have filled out the form, your request will be handled by the Office of Marketing and Communication. Once the page is created, you will receive an email with a web link to your project.

3. Manage and edit the webpage

Guidance on getting started and making your webpage informative and appealing is available on the employee website and in the tool itself. See step-by-step instructions on how to edit and customise your webpage for your project:

Manage and Edit Research Projects

Form for Research Project Page

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