Sweden's IT operations network

On Tuesday 12 December, Dalarna University's representatives Elin Ekman and Thomas Kvist were at the first meeting for Sweden's IT operations network. The meeting took the form of a seminar "The Future of IT Operations in Sweden" at SAAB's office on Olof Palmes Street in Stockholm.
Network cables in different colours

Sweden's IT operations network is an initiative which was started in the summer of 2023 during the Almedalen Week and involves both government authorities, branch companies and the education sector in the form of both universities and polytechnics.

The purpose of Sweden's IT operations network is to strengthen Sweden with resources and expertise within IT operations and is a composition which is unique in Europe. The members' reasons for participating are, of course, varied but the general consensus is that Sweden needs its own resourcefulness, domestic competence supply and high security around IT operations in the country. The indirect driving force is to tackle the current shortage of skilled people and resource. The network consists of SAAB, the Swedish Tax Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration, RISE, Atea, Binero, Cleura, SafeSpring, among others.

Dialogue between Dalarna University, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Tax Agency began during the seminar.  A first meeting between these organisations and representatives from the university’s IT security programme is planned, during a discussion regarding the needs of each organisation and how we can work together to help each other in the future.

Elin Ekman
Lecturer Information and Communications Technology
Thomas Kvist
Lecturer Computer Technology
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