Research Day 2023 – Data Sciences

During the Research Day, four presentations were given within the theme “Data analytics”.
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Madelene Håll

Associate Professor Moudud Alam, who is also a Research Coordinator, described the data analytics research programme as well as the courses given at the master and doctoral levels.  The research area covers data sourcing, information extraction, and knowledge discovery/generation.  During 2022 ca 22 research project grant applications were submitted, ca 47 research articles were published with many focusing on the key word ‘learning’ eg machine learning, and 2 doctoral students attained their PhDs.  Professor Alam closed his presentation with a thought provoking paradox for us to consider.

Professor William Wei Song presented “Accuracy of data analysis with domains knowledge”.  Everything today is digitalised and so knowledge management via knowledge information systems becomes a factor for success when trying to deliver benefits to organisations and citizens (eg transport system, medical care, wind farm management, etc). 

Professor Yves Rybarczyk presented “Microdata Analysis: concept and application for air quality research”.  Yves took us through the various steps of data collection, preparation and preprocessing, data warehousing, multidimensional modelling, data analysis and prediction.  He then showed how these step have been applied to a case study conducted in Quito, Ecuador regarding COVID19’s impact on air quality. 

Professor Lars Rönnegård presented “Surfing on the technological revolution in livestock production”.  Lars had an interesting start showing an aerial photo of his home area to illustrate the proliferation of farming land and ground water.  Sweden needs to provide food for its citizens especially within the livestock area. Thus, a machine learning method has been created to allow farmers to track all their cattle in real-time eg to detect diseases.  Another study presented is looking at virtual fencing for livestock, while another project will look at climate change and livestock disease especially related to reindeer husbandry.

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Yves Rybarczyk
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