Panel interview for the posting to Head of IIT

The recruitment process has now reached its final stages and one candidate remains ahead of the panel interview. That candidate is Joakim Storck, whose name has been put forward for the position of Head of School. The panel interview will take place on November 8 at 14.00, Campus Borlänge.
The buildning, Campus Borlänge.
Per Eriksson

In recent years, Joakim Storck has served as Councillor and Chairman of Falun’s Municipal Board. Joakim holds a Master of Science in Vehicle Engineering and a doctoral degree in Production Engineering from KTH. During his time as a doctoral student, he worked closely with the Graduate School for Metal Forming at Dalarna University. After this, he was employed at Dalarna University in various roles and was, at the time he left in 2014, Head of Subject and Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering. After several years of self-employment, he entered into full-time politics. 

Before pursuing doctoral studies, he worked as a civil engineer and consultant in the field of Transport Analysis and Simulation at ÅF Industriteknik AB in Kista and then for ÅF Celpap AB in Avesta.

  • The panel interview will take place on November 8 at 14.00, room 311, Campus Borlänge.

The panel interview is part of the process of ensuring quality recruitment. During the panel interview, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the candidate and raise any questions about the appointment before the name of the proposed candidate is put forward for a final decision by the Vice-Chancellor. 

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