Communication via ITT’s LinkedIn

IIT’s LinkedIn is one way to communicate education, research and cooperation information externally.

Publish on IIT’s LinkedIn

You can spread news about eg published articles, research findings (popular science versions), conferences, events, external cooperation, etc, ideally with a link to further information and including a photo/image.

As well as text and a photo/image, links to people & companies can be added within the text to increase the spread of your information.

If you add the #DalarnaUniversity hashtag to your own work-related LinkedIn posts, it is easier for us to find them and then repost on IIT’s LinkedIn.

Spread IIT’s work

Follow and interact with IIT’s LinkedIn account, add comments to create discussion/add own thoughts, ‘like’, and invite contacts to follow.

Contact Johan or Sarah with material & photos for posting

Direct link to IIT's LinkedIn

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