Personlig presentation av Sarah Ramsay

Industrial Engineering and Management School of Information and Engineering

Teaching focus - business, academic and intercultural communication skills & service marketing. Preferred teaching style, Experiential Learning method - students develop abilities to apply theory to real-life situations via eg guided reflection on their own individual & fellow students’ experiences.


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Business Management degree with post-graduate in business world pedagogy; Teaching Licence (Scotland); additional adult education pedagogy studies (Sweden); Teacher of Merit/Qualified Teaching Practitioner (awarded by Dalarna University, 2018)

Business Studies teacher (Scotland); freelance industry trainer (Sweden); Dalarna University (since 2002)


4 main areas: oral communication & presentation technique; academic & business written communication; cultural intelligence & sociological aspects related to students’ future workplace interactions; & services marketing.

Other work: staff support eg feedback on articles/presentations, teaching in your non-native language; additional student support re communication; external work eg projects, workshops, courses, etc.

Course Coordinator