Check out the new campus online

A 3D model has been constructed that shows the future Campus Borlänge. Now you have the chance to view it and also to attend a presentation of the new campus project. As well, you are invited to take part in an online coffee forum to discuss the new campus, which is set to take place on November 11.
3D-bild över en brun byggnad. Omgivningen är ljusblå.
A 3D model of the new Campus Borlänge has now been produced to assist everyone who is involved in the development and construction of the new university facilities. Högskolan Dalarna

This week, the construction of the new Campus Borlänge will begin. While that is happening, final changes are being made to the construction plans, with every small detail being considered and decided on. An important part of this process is the drawing up of an interior design plan, where the colour scheme and furniture are two important areas of focus.

A 3D model of the new Campus Borlänge has now been produced to assist everyone who is involved in the development and construction of the new university facilities. What the 3D model does is provide an overview of what the new campus will actually look like upon completion. When the final construction documents are ready, the 3D model will be updated to give as real a sense as possible of what the new Campus Borlänge will be like. Once the interior design plan has been established, details such as the furniture will be added to the model. Staff and students will then be able to view the model in its full form.

– But we want everyone to be able to see the new campus even at this early stage. Staff from the School of Information and Engineering have already had a guided tour of the model, explains Renée Wingero, who is Project Manager at the University for the new campus.

You too can now view the full presentation that was given to the School of Information and Engineering, which begins with an initial look back to the start of the project:

On November 11, you will be able to learn more about the project and what happens next. Most importantly, you will be able to put questions to the project management team during the online coffee forum. Be sure to watch the presentation, the movie ahead of the online coffee forum.

Find your way around the new campus

The university building will have five floors in total. That includes the basement. The central connection point from the entrance floor to the fourth floor will be the so-called "Kunskapstrappan"/The Knowledge Stairway, which is located in the section of the building that looks out onto Borganäsvägen. The lab section of the building that faces the parking area called Ovanbroparkeringen (Ovanbro Parking) can be reached from the basement by a stairwell and a large transport elevator, which both go right up to the roof level. Creating a sense of unity is the recurring feature of glass, which will create a sense of openness between the different areas of the building. Each floor will have study areas, as well as small rooms and group rooms.

Taking a central place and extending from the basement up to the second floor in the section closest to Ovanbroparkeringen is the large technology lab, which will set the tone for the entire campus and be clearly visible from the outside. 

All study and learning environments have been designed to accommodate hybrid teaching, while all classrooms can be readily adapted to facilitate and allow for all forms of teaching.

Ground floor:

The building has two main entrances – one on Stationsgatan and one from Liljeqvistska Park. 

  • Reception
  • Student union
  • Library and library rooms
  • Café
  • “Etagesal”
  • Study areas
  • Group and seminar rooms
  • Labs
  • Maintenance facilities, janitorial office and cleaning services

Second floor:

  • Lecture halls (various sizes)
  • Student eating area and seating
  • Computer labs
  • Labs
  • Staff rooms

Third floor:

  • Several multi-level rooms
  • Staff rooms – workplaces, eating areas and patio

Fourth floor:

  • Lecture halls – the largest is located here
  • Examination hall
  • Event area
  • Labs
  • Staff rooms and workspaces/offices
  •  Solar roof for educational purposes, installation cabin and cube

Fifth floor:

  • Small outdoor lab
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