Vacation – apply now

Spring has arrived and it is now time to think about summer vacation. Here is a reminder about the routines.

Vacation - apply now

If you have employment as a teacher or PhD student, we automatically register vacation according to the local agreements about working hours for teachers and PhD students. Note that research assistants, directors of research, administrators apply for vacation in Primula on the 31:th of May at the latest.

Apply for vacation in Primula

Vacation for teachers and PhD students

According to the local agreements about working hours for teachers and PhD students, summer vacation is automatically registered during the summer months. This year that means that teachers' and PhD students vacation starts 27:th of June. If you as a teacher or PhD student think your vacation period according to the agreement is ok, you do nothing except check the length of your vacation. If you wish to change your vacation you send an application via Primula-Web, at the latest on the 31:th of May. Remember that if you do not take out all vacation days the number of hours you are supposed to work during the year will increase.

Taking back/change of vacation

To take back or change granted vacation, the form "Återtagande av semester" should be used. Note that your head of section, should sign it before it is sent to the payroll administrator.

Form "Återtag av semester" (pdf)

For questions contact the HR department,

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