Digital Degree Certificates

From 1 January 2024, Dalarna University will only issue digital degree certificates. A digital degree certificate contains the same information as a degree certificate in paper format.

A digital degree certificate is always available: it can be downloaded at any time from Ladok for students (or Ladok for alumni).

Students are notified about the digital degree certificate by email after it has been issued and is available in Ladok for students. Students can then send it to employers and other higher education institutions. This avoids paper copies, attestation, and scanning. The degree certificate is a PDF file that has an e-stamp. The fact it has an e-stamp means that the document cannot be altered after it has been retrieved from Ladok. If the degree certificate needs to be verified, it can be uploaded to Ladok's page for verification. It is also possible to verify the e-stamp via Adobe. 

The digitalisation of degree certificates is for all degrees at the first-cycle (Bachelor’s), second-cycle (Master’s), and third-cycle (doctoral) levels at Dalarna University. The introduction of digital degree certificates is a development at the national level in Sweden, and plans are underway to implement this at all of Sweden’s higher education institutions. 


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