Digital assessment platform to be introduced in 2023

Later this year, the University will introduce a digital assessment platform as a feature of its new learning environment. The platform that has been selected is Inspera.

Development in the area of digital assessment has long figured in university plans for investment. Recently, the University Director made the decision to procure Inspera from SUNET, the Swedish University Computer Network. Inspera has several advantages, one of which is that it already integrates with Ladok. Furthermore, it is already in use at 16 other higher education institutions in Sweden.  

Heading the work with Inspera at Dalarna University is the Office of Education and Research Services in close collaboration with the Office of Student Services and Education Administration and the Office of IT and Digital Infrastructure. For the introduction of digital exams to be successful, system support is required, which is an important consideration in the current planning of the new learning environment.  

Information about Inspera 

Inspera is a platform used for examination and assessment. It is user-friendly (for both teachers and students) and can incorporate various types of questions: for example, multiple-choice questions and essay questions. 

In Inspera, teachers create questions that can, if they so wish, include digital resources, such as web pages, audio files and PDFs. Students answer the questions on their computers using a secure browser. Inspera works for automatic and manual marking of answers, and allows for both written and oral feedback on examination submissions. 

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