Working Hours and Time Reports

The structure of your workday and the way you report your working hours depend on the type of employment you have.

Working Hours

Technical and Administrative Staff

Normal working hours are 08.00-16:30. Because the University has a flexitime system, you can begin work either earlier or later, provided you take into account both your colleagues and your work duties.

The timeframe for flexitime is 06.00-22.00 Monday-Thursday and 06:00-19.00 on Friday.
You must work 39 hours and 45 minutes per week. You are expected to be at work between 09.00 and 15.00.

Academic Staff (Teachers and Researchers)

Full-time academic staff work 1 980 hours each year, less holiday time. You plan your working hours in consultation with your immediate manager using the Retendo system.

Managers/Certain Other Senior Roles

For employees in positions of seniority, there are no fixed working hours: in Swedish these non-regulated hours are referred to as förtroendearbetstid (sometimes termed “confidence working hours” or “trust working hours” in English).

Time Reports  

Technical and Administrative Staff

  • You report your working hours on an ongoing basis, according to the process outlined by your immediate manager.
  • At the end of each month, your immediate manager will review your hours. If you work full time, you may have a maximum of 40 plus hours or a maximum of 20 minus hours. If you have more than 20 minus hours, then you will see a pay reduction. Contact the Office of Human Resources about this if you have questions.

Academic Staff (Teachers and Researchers)

The planning of the work carried out by academics at DU is recorded in the academic management system Retendo Academic. In consultation with you, your immediate manager can make adjustments in Retendo on an ongoing basis.

Information for Parents

If you are a parent, then you can reduce your working hours by a maximum of 25 percent up to and including the year that your child turns 12.

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