Leave of Absence

In some situations, you are entitled to take a leave of absence.

If you are considering taking a leave of absence, talk to your immediate manager. You can then submit your application for a leave of absence in Primula.

Reasons for a Leave of Absence: Examples

You want to work temporarily for another government agency

You have the right to take a leave of absence for up to two years so that you can take up a temporary full-time position.

You want to try out a new position at another place of employment

You can take a leave of absence for up to a maximum of six months, if your immediate manager determines this is possible. This period can be extended if there are special reasons for doing so.

You want to start your own business

If you decide to start a business, you are entitled to a leave of absence of up to six months.

You want to study

You have the right to take a leave of absence for study if you meet the requirements as set in the Study Leave Act (Arbetstagares rätt till ledighet för utbildning).

Cancel leave of absence

If you want to cancel your leave early, you contact your manager, who decides when the leave can be cancelled.

Return borrowed equipment

If you are going to be on full leave for a longer period, you must return all equipment that you have borrowed, for example keys, access card, computer and mobile phone.  Remember to cancel your parking space with engine heater if you rent one.

You leave all equipment at reception/Helpdesk.

Back Tax (kvarskatt)

If you are unsure whether you might have to pay back tax (also termed residual tax) when you work part-time and take a leave of absence, you can use the Swedish Tax Agency calculating service Räkna ut din skatt

This will help you see how much tax in total you will pay for the year. Once you have done this, send the case to hr-support@du.se with details about how much more tax should be deducted from your salary in addition to the regular tabellskatt  (the tax paid according to your level of income).

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