Absence from Work Without a Deduction in Salary

You are allowed to attend to certain personal matters during paid working hours.

As a government employee, you have certain benefits that make it easier for you to combine your work life with your private life.

Healthcare and Doctor’s Appointments

You can attend an appointment with occupational health or at a blood donation centre, healthcare centre or hospital without any deduction in your pay.

You can also attend an emergency dental appointment during paid working hours. You must book other types of dental appointments using flexitime (or a similar arrangement).

Other Examples of Absence

You will not receive a deduction in pay in the event of the following (however, you should note the maximum number of days you are entitled to for each absence):

  • Family matters, such as serious illness, death, burial, estate inventory after death: maximum ten working days per calendar year
  • Moving house: maximum one working day per calendar year
  • Trade union duties: maximum ten working days per calendar year
  • Your own graduation and course examinations: maximum five working days per calendar year
  • Care of relative: apply for compensation from Försäkringskassan. Send a copy of the Försäkringskassan decision to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Studies: your manager will assess whether the course/programme you plan to take is useful in relation to your position at Dalarna University and will decide whether you can study either full-time or part-time during your paid working hours.



Remember Auto Reply

Be sure to inform others when you will be absent from work and when you plan to return. Set up an auto-reply in Outlook and redirect your telephone.

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