Work Injuries, Accidents and Incidents

Your employer is responsible for ensuring your safety and health at work, and for preventing you from damaging your health and getting injured at the workplace.

It is important that all colleagues contribute to safe work practices both by raising awareness about possible risks and by always reporting work injuries, accidents and incidents.

Use the form Report an Incident or Accident if you get injured or are involved in an incident or accident at work.

Examples of Workplace Injuries, Accidents and Incidents

  • A physical injury caused by a sudden event, such as a fire.
  • An accident on the way to work, such as a traffic accident.
  • An incident that could have resulted in physical or mental harm.
  • Occupational ill-health that develops over a long period, such as aches or exhaustion.

Report All Injuries and Incidents

Should you get injured or be involved in an accident or incident at work, you must always report this to the University. Use the form Accident and Incident Report. This is sent directly to the University's electronic filing system (diariet), where it is registered. The Office of Human Resources will then allocate an appropriate employee to the case (often your immediate manager, although this depends on the investigation).

Whether or not the incident results in sick leave is irrelevant: you must still report what happened. In this way, you can help us investigate, resolve and prevent risks at the workplace.

The fact you report an incident is also important from an insurance standpoint.

How We Process Your Report

The e-form goes directly to both the Office of Human Resources and the Office of Campus and Facilities Planning. You will receive confirmation once your report is received.

After this, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Campus and Facilities Planning, and a work environment representative (arbetsmiljöombud) determine how to investigate the incident and the measures that need to be taken.

Once the investigation is complete, your immediate manager or the Office of Human Resources will provide you with information about the next step and about how the investigation will continue.

Serious Incidents

Your immediate manager is responsible for reporting serious accidents and incidents to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket).

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