Ergonomic Aids and Computer Screen Equipment

Make sure that you have equipment that is tailored to your needs.

Do you spend a lot of your workday using computers/computer screens? If you do, you may require ergonomically designed equipment and computer glasses.

Ergonomic Equipment

Dalarna University has a standard range of ergonomic equipment available to all employees:

  • MouseTrapper Adv 2.0 (centrally placed wrist-rest)
  • Roller Mouse Red Max (centrally placed wrist-rest)
  • Roller Mouse Red Max (centrally placed wrist-rest with forearm support)
  • Spacesaver (thinner and smaller keyboard)
  • Standing mat
  • Forearm support (works well with MouseTrapper Adv 2.0)

To order products from this standard range, please do the following:

  • Fill in and print out an order form (rekvisitionsblankett) and ask your immediate manager to sign it.
  • Send the signed form to the janitorial office (Vaktmästeriet) in Falun.
  • When your equipment is available for you to collect, you will be notified by email.

Computer Glasses

Dalarna University employees are entitled to receive an eye examination and a pair of computer glasses at no cost to them.

To request this service, follow these steps:

  • Fill in and print out an order form (rekvisitionsblankett). Ask your immediate manager to sign the form.
  • Book an appointment for an eye examination at Specsavers: phone 0243-120 47 (Borlänge) and 023-137 10 (Falun).
  • Take your signed form (rekvisitionsblankett) with you to your appointment.
  • Choose your frames and order your glasses. If you want coated (non-reflective) glasses or non-standard frames, you will need to pay the price difference yourself.
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