Monthly Salary Payment

Your monthly salary is paid into your bank account on about, but no earlier than, the 25th day of each month. There are, however, a few exceptions to this.

Salaries to university employees are paid by Danske Bank. When you start working for the University, you will be asked to register the bank account into which you want your salary paid.

The salary payday for each month can be found in our payroll system, Primula.

Submit Payroll Matters on Time

If you want any payroll matters (such as costs incurred during a work trip or your claim for mertid) to be included in your next monthly salary, be sure to submit your claim by the deadline, which is the 10th day of each month. Your immediate manager needs to approve these and forward their approval to the Office of Human Resources no later than this (the 10th) day.

In June, July and December, the last date to submit payroll matters is the 5th of the month for payment in the next monthly salary.

Salary Statement (Lönespecifikation)

If you receive a monthly salary, you can access your salary statement in Primula. If you are paid on an hourly rate, you will receive this by post.

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