The University provides a discounted massage service on campus for all staff members. The company contracted to provide this service is Naprapatcompaniet.

Each massage slot is 30 minutes long (including time to change clothes).

Where and When


The rest room (vilorummet) beside the sauna (bastu).
Tuesdays: 08.30-10.00, 10.30-12.00, 12.30-14.30


The so-called Scandic Corridor (a hallway that runs between the University and Scandic Hotel).
Wednesdays: 08.30-10.00, 10.30-12.00, 12.30-14.30
Thursdays: 09.00-10.30, 11.00-12.30, 13.00-15.00


The price is SEK 120 for each 30-minute massage. This sum is deducted from your monthly salary. 

Book a Massage

Book your massage in TimeEdit.

You are allowed to book one massage per week and a maximum of three massages at any one time. After the third massage, you can book three new massage times.

Book a massage in TimeEdit


If you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so no later than 24 hours before your appointment: if you fail to do this, you will have to pay the SEK 120 fee.

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