Your Pension

One benefit of being a Dalarna University employee is that you receive an occupational pension when you retire.

Your occupational pension (tjänstepension) is paid by your employer. It supplements your national retirement pension (allmän pension) and includes both health insurance (sjukförsäkring) and provisions for surviving dependents, also known as survivors’ protection (efterlevandeskydd).

The size of your occupational pension is determined by your salary and age, and the number of years you have worked.

The National Government Employee Pensions Board (Statens pensionsverk)

The National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV) administers the university pension scheme. Contact SPV if you have any questions about your occupational pension.

SPV can, for example:

  • Answer questions about your occupational pension benefits in relation to such matters as occupational pension, part-time retirement (delpension) and survivors' pension.
  • Provide guidance when you are seven months away from turning 65. They can help you with a pension forecast and your employment history, and can provide you with the form that you need to submit to apply for your pension.
  • Review and update employment information relating to your pension if you are a new employee.

For more information, see The National Government Employee Pensions Board webpage.

You are welcome to contact SPV on 020-51 50 40 or via

Your national public pension (allmän pension) is managed by the Swedish Pensions Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten).

If you have questions about your national public pension, contact the Swedish Pensions Agency on 0771-776 776.

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

If you work at least 20 percent and are at least 23 years old, you can set aside some of your monthly salary towards your pension. This is called a salary sacrifice scheme (löneväxling till pension). The minimum amount you can set aside each month is SEK 500. You apply to do this in Primula.

The funds will be placed with the pension provider (försäkringsgivare) you choose for the voluntary part of your occupational pension. If you have not chosen a pension provider, your salary sacrifice amount will be placed in the Kåpan Retirement Pension (Kåpan Valbar) scheme. This does not come with repayment protection (återbetalningsskydd).

Keep in mind that a salary sacrifice scheme might not always be beneficial. Make sure you know what applies in your particular case.

Part-Time Retirement

If you work at least 50 percent, you can apply for part-time retirement (pension på deltid) from the month you turn 61. You can submit your application in Primula. After a written evaluation of your case by your immediate manager, your application is then passed on to an evaluation group for the final decision.

Full-Time Retirement

Before you apply for a pension, it can be a good idea to make a financial forecast and to think carefully how you want to take out your occupational pension.

If you are entitled to a defined benefit retirement pension (förmånsbestämd ålderspension), SPV will contact you approximately seven months before you turn 65. You will then be asked whether you intend to retire or whether you intend to continue working.

If you intend to retire, you will receive a letter from SPV with information about what you need to do to apply for your pension.

If you choose to continue working, SPV will contact you again, approximately seven months before you turn 68, to ask what your intentions are. Currently, according to the Employment Protection Act (Lag om anställningsskydd 1982:80), you have the right to remain employed until the age of 68. From 2023, you can continue working until you reach 69.

If you want to retire at another age, contact SPV.

Are you planning to retire?

Notify your immediate manager well in advance.

Remember that you need to formally resign from your position.

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