If you decide to resign from your position, there are a few things you need to do.

First, notify your immediate manager and complete the electronic form entitled “Resignation”. You can find this in Primula.

Notice Period

How much notice you are required to give depends on how long you have been employed by the University.

The notice period is calculated from the day your resignation is received in Primula.

If you are a permanent employee and have been employed for less than one year, you need give only one month’s notice. If you have been employed for more than one year, you must give two months’ notice. From the date your resignation is received to your final day of work, you are expected to carry out your work duties as usual.

Return University Equipment

When you leave, you must return all university equipment, such as your key, keycard, computer and mobile phone.

Final Salary Payment

Your final salary payment will be paid in the month following your last formal day of work. It will include your regular salary as well as any outstanding leave and overtime pay.

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