Thomas Sedelius

Thomas Sedelius

Professor Political Science, Political Science

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Academic degrees and titles

Associate Professor (docent) in Political Science, Högskolan Dalarna, 2012/06/01

PhD in Political Science, Örebro University, 2006/06/21

Master in Politics, Örebro University, 2000/10

Research areas: comparative politics, democratisation, political institutions, Central and Eastern Europe, presidentialism, parliamentarism, semi-presidentialism, presidents, prime ministers, political parties.

Teaching: comparative politics, thesis supervision, social science methods, international relations, democratization, and more. About 5000 hours of teaching at different courses and levels (2000-2015).

PhD-supervision: Jenny Åberg (main supervisor 2015-), Veronica De Majo (co-supervisor, 2011-), Eva Hämberg (main supervisor, 2015-), Erik Lundberg (co-supervisor, PhD 2014).

Grants and awards:

2015: East European Politics Prize 2013, (Best article award 2013)

2014: Swedish Research Council (VR): 5.7 MSEK, “Semi-Presidentialism and Governability in Transitional Regimes” (project leader, main applicant))

2012: Forte 2.9 MSEK, ”Social tillsyn i teori och praktik” (co-applicant)

2006: Swedish Research Council (VR): 3.4 MSEK “The Dynamics of Hybrid Regimes” (co-applicant)

University positions 2010- : Head of Political Science Department [Ämnesföreträdare i statsvetenskap] (2010--2014), Vice dean (2012-2014), Dean (2014--2015). 

Subject Coordinator
Political Science