The University to vacate sections of Campus Borlänge

This summer 2023, the University needs to move out from sections of its current Campus Borlänge before the new campus has reached completion. It will, however, continue to have access to most classrooms, and teaching will not be affected.

Löv på marken, träd med gula löv och Campus Borlänge i bakgrunden.
The current study environment will remain largely unchanged, although a temporary pavilion for classes will be erected directly outside the main entrance. Yasir Imam

The move from the current campus on Röda vägen to the new campus in central Borlänge is planned to take place in the summer of 2024. The reason the University needs to vacate sections of the current campus is that Borlänge Municipality needs to commence renovations before it takes over the entire building.

The study environment on the current campus will remain largely unaffected. The library will continue to be a meeting place for students, and the student union office will continue to work from its office on campus. The University will have access to almost all classrooms, labs and the reception desk, as well as “the Black Box". The biggest change is that university employees need to vacate their offices and move into temporary premises.

– Our priority is to ensure that the quality of teaching is not affected by the fact we need to move from sections of the current campus, says Katarina Johansson, University Director.

To make up for any loss of classroom space, a two-level temporary pavilion will be erected directly outside the main entrance to Campus Borlänge. This building will extend towards the area of campus that currently houses Komvux. The rooms it contains will substitute for any loss of rooms in the old campus building. By the autumn semester 2023, the pavilion will be ready for use.

– As far as the student union is concerned, we are involved in discussions and believe that the situation is being handled in a way that will have good results. We’re going to have a collective campus environment, and that for us is important. In addition, the move and preparation of premises will take place over the summer, meaning teaching can continue as planned. We are doing all that we can so that students are affected as little as possible, says Johanna Strickert, Chairperson of Dalarna’s Student Union.

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