Templates and Information About Student Essays and Theses

Two new webpages have been created to facilitate the academic work of our students. One webpage provides information about templates designed for student use, and the other is about student work, such as essays and theses.

Templates for Students

On the page titled Templates for Students, you can find templates that have been specifically designed for use when you are writing an essay or your thesis. You can access these directly by going to the Microsoft Office template library or by uploading the template file in OneDrive for the web version.

The new templates have been developed in line with digital accessibility requirements and Dalarna University's graphic profile.

The work to transition to these, as well as their further development and revision, is ongoing at this time.

Student Essays and Theses

The page about student essays and theses is useful if you are an undergraduate or graduate student writing an essay or a thesis. Note that first you must follow any guidelines in your course syllabus or any instructions from your supervisor, in which case this webpage can simply be used as a general guide.

Information on the webpage is structured as follows: before you start your work (Before You Start); during your work (Work in Progress) and after you have finished (Completed and Approved Work).

The aim is that it will be easier for you to structure your work. On the webpage, you can also find important links, appendices, templates and checklists that can help you with questions about ethics, personal data processing, security and storage.

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