Take a Look at the New Campus Borlänge

In one year from now, the new Campus Borlänge will have opened its doors. The following illustrations aim to give you a glimpse of its design and layout. Welcome inside!
Vy över studieyta med olika sittmöjligheter där personer sitter. Personerna diskuterar något med varandra. Flera växter omger möbleringen.
This is one of the study areas on floor 2, which looks out onto “kunskapstrappan” as it has come to be known in Swedish (stairs of knowledge in English). The new campus aims to meet the needs of all users with its different seating options and areas for teaching. The idea is to create "different rooms within different rooms". Johan Roos, Archus

- Though not exact, the illustrations are still very close and give you a good idea of how the new Campus Borlänge is going to look. What we know is that there will be some differences in colour scheme and that the furnishings and other details may change somewhat depending on procurement, says Daniel Bergvin, one of the University's project managers who is heading the design of the interior.

- The new campus aims to meet the needs of the future and create opportunities for growth and development for the University. We want to create a modern, flexible and creative learning environment for students and employees in a way that makes people want to come to campus, explains Renée Wingero, the University’s main project manager for the new campus.

The move to the new campus has already begun with the installation of the climate chamber in the building’s basement. The biggest move, however, will take place between May and July of 2024. Planning for the grand opening has also already begun, so you can expect festivities to take place in September.

Vy över en trappa där flera personer sitter utspridda. En person står nedanför trappan och upplevs berätta något för dem som sitter i trappen.
Setting the tone for the new campus is the large staircase that is much like the one in the Campus Falun library. The kunskapstrappan intends to be a meeting place that brings life to the entrance level. The walls will be white-ribbed panelling, and there will be deep-red details and mottled black flooring. The ceiling, meanwhile, will be a gold colour. On the right in the picture, you can see the entrance to the library and the area between the two main entrances from Stationsgatan and the Liljeqvistska Park. This part of the building will be for public use with an adjacent lecture hall. Johan Roos, Archus
Vy över en studieyta med människor som står och sitter vid olika typer av bord- Golvet är svart och taket är i guld.
Next to the entrance from the Liljeqvistska Park, you will find an open study area. It exemplifies the flexibility that will be a main feature of the new campus since it too, with its small stage, can be used for a variety of activities. Perhaps you recognise the chairs. In line with plans, chairs - with a slight restoration - are just one example of items that are being taken for reuse from the current campus. Johan Roos, Archus
Vy över studieyta där man också ser in till en föreläsningssal där någon står och föreläser framför en grupp. Utanför föreläsningssalen sitter flera personer, väggarna är blå.
Here’s a glimpse of the largest lecture hall - etagesalen - in the new campus that will have seating for up to 137 people. Beyond this, there is a meeting area. The etagesalen will have blue-toned matting, a blue ceiling and white-ribbed, panelled walls. The blue colour scheme will then continue out into the meeting area, explains Daniel Bergvin, Project Manager. Johan Roos, Archus


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