New function increases readability in the learning management system Learn

In Dalarna University’s learning management system, Learn, the accessibility tool Ally has just added a new function: Microsoft’s Immersive Reader, which is an online alternative reading format. This function gives you more options to choose from when interacting with digital content.

In the work to create a more inclusive digital learning environment for students, Immersive Reader is a function that will improve your reading experience and increase the readability of the digital materials you can find in Learn.

With Immersive Reader, you can:

  • change font size and spacing in text
  • change the contrast between text and background colour
  • improve your spelling by dividing words into syllables
  • highlight verbs, nouns, adjectives and subordinate clauses
  • use a picture dictionary
  • increase reading speed with line focus
  • convert text to speech
  • translate text in real time

For now, this function only works in Learn and cannot be used with pictures or tables. To use it you, will need internet connection.

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