Information Meetings about Internships and Studies Abroad

Internships and studies abroad are an opportunity for personal development and a chance for you to learn more about another culture, improve your skills in another language, and build your self-confidence. If this sounds interesting, then we invite you to attend an information session.

Dalarna University has exchange agreements both in Europe and outside Europe. If you are interested in an internship or studies within Europe, you can apply for an Erasmus grant. To apply, you must be registered in a course at Dalarna University and be aiming to complete your degree here. Find out more about exchange in the autumn of 2022 or the spring of 2023 by participating in the Study and Career Counselors information meetings.

Information Meetings: Internships and Studies Abroad

If you are interested in an exchange but want to know more about what is available or have other questions, you can attend an drop-in information session led by a Study and Career Counsellor. The meetings will be held online on Zoom:

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