Digital Accessibility and Blackboard Ally

Everyone benefits when course content has been developed with accessibility in mind.

In Blackboard Learn, the learning management system used by Dalarna University, you will find the accessibility tool known as Ally. Ally allows students to make best use of the material in the Learn course room because it can be converted into another format.

Alternative Formats

Thanks to Ally, you can use more accessible file formats that can help you to study more effectively depending on your situation. For example, if your eyes are tired or perhaps you want to get out for a walk, you can convert a PDF file to a sound file so that you can listen to the text instead. Another example is if you use a tablet and want to make notes and mark up a text, you can convert the file to an ePub. Ally offers you several alternative formats. Here are four of them:

Tagged PDF
This type of PDF contains tags and provides a logical structure for use with assistive technology. 

For viewing in a web browser and on mobile devices

Electronic braille
BRF version for use on electronic braille screens

Improved versions for simpler, quicker reading on a screen

Here you can read up about all the formats (Swedish text)

Download Alternative Formats

To download a file in another format, click on the logo that looks like an A with a downwards arrow. You can find the logo to the right of every file in the course room in Learn.

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