Dalarna University Supports “Uniform på jobbet (Wear Your Uniform To Work)” Day

On December 4, everyone at Dalarna University is welcome to wear their uniform to work. Introduced by the Swedish Home Guard (Hemvärnet), the day is intended to draw attention to the Swedish Home Guard and increase interest in its work and activities.

Normally, the day is celebrated on May 29 (the date Hemvärnet was established and the date of Veterans Day); however, as a result of covid-19, the decision was made to move it to December 4.

Participation is voluntary, and Dalarna University management has endorsed the wearing of a uniform to work by anyone who wants to on that date. This means that you as a student may meet staff wearing uniform on this day.

The idea is that Swedish Home Guard soldiers who are able to and who have permission from their employer may wear their uniform while at work and while taking part in other activities. The purpose of the day is to recognise and attract interest in the Swedish Home Guard while also celebrating voluntary involvement and dedication. Participation is voluntary.

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