Borrow Concert Tickets from Us

As a student at Högskolan Dalarna, you can borrow tickets for Dalasinfoniettan's concerts at the library, free of charge. Tickets for more concerts are now available!

A collaboration between Musik i Dalarna, Högskolan Dalarna, and Falu municipality makes it possible to borrow tickets for Dalasinfoniettan's concerts in Falun at Falu City Library (for everyone) and at Dalarna University library (for students at the university). 
Tickets for the following concerts are now avaliable: 

19/1 Chamber music: Verklärte nacht
3/2 Hommage á Putte Wickman
10/2 Liza Ferschtman
16/2 Chamber music: Stravinskijs Octet for Wind Instruments
24/2 Bienvenue Claire!
7/3 Maximilian Hornung
16/3 Stravinskijs Petruskja
29/3 St. Mark Passion

You find more information about the concerts on Musik i Dalarnas web (in swedish).
The tickets can be collected in the library in Falun on weekdays 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM. 
Questions? Contact the library. 

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