Apply for the university scholarship no later than November 30

The Borlänge-Faluföretagen university scholarship is awarded every spring to four Dalarna University students, who will each receive 20 000 SEK. The deadline for applications is November 30.

The Borlänge-Faluföretagen university scholarship is for those of you who are full-time Dalarna University students living in Dalarna. In addition to your studies, you must be socially active in associations/clubs in Borlänge and/or Falun, you must be involved with issues relating to housing, and you must be involved with the student union – or in another way contribute towards positive development in Borlänge, Falun and / or the region.

- We welcome all initiatives that highlight those among our students who, based on their study results and social commitment, serve as good role models for other students and who are good representatives of Dalarna University, says Vice-Chancellor Martin Norsell.

The companies currently behind the scholarship are AB Borlänge Energi, AB Stora Tunabyggen, Glimstedt Dalarna AB, Fastighets AB Hushagen, Fiskarhedenvillan AB, HSB Dalarna, Kopparstaden AB, Lindgrens fastigheter AB, Mockfjärds AB, Prefament AB, Romme Alpin, Runnstaden AB, Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB, Structor and TriaTech IT AB.

The scholarship is awarded in collaboration with Dalarna's student union.

Find out more and apply using this link:


If you have questions about the Borlänge-Faluföretagen university scholarship, you can attend the student union breakfast, where representatives from several of the companies will be ready to answer questions. Breakfast will be served outside the student union's office on each campus. 

November 18, 08.30 - 10.30 – Campus Borlänge
November 24, 08.30 - 10.30 – Campus Falun 

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