Ingela Visuri

Personlig presentation av Ingela Visuri

Senior Lecturer Religious Studies
Religious Studies School of Culture and Society

As assistant professor in the Study of Religions, and I am mainly responsible for teacher training in Religious education. My research is interdisciplinary, and concerns cognitive perspectives on religiosity, imagination, empathy, autism, and social learning.


My professional background as a high school teacher in Religion studies and English serve as a starting point for the youth research I conduct, as well as work at the teacher education program in the Study of religions. Focus within both these areas is directed towards relationships and collaboration with teenagers and young adults, to better understand their perspectives, experiences and needs.


My research is interdisciplinary, and often takes off in ethnographic materials which are analysed through cognitive- and psychological theories. One central ambition is to deepen and broaden simplified assumtions about human behaviours, and to develop methodological strategies for studying atypical individuals.