Ingela Visuri

Personlig presentation av Ingela Visuri

Senior Lecturer Religious Studies
Religious Studies School of Culture and Society

I serve as assistant professor in the Study of Religions, and I am currently responsible for teacher training in Religious education. My research is interdisciplinary, and primarily concerns cognitive perspectives on religiosity, imagination, empathy, and social learning.


My background as an upper secondary teacher in English and (non-confessional) religion education has provided me with important insight that I use when teaching, as well as in my research. Six years of teaching autistic youths at a special educational unit led me to take on my PhD-project on supernatural experiences in autistic, young adults.


My research is often interdisciplinary. This means that I take my departure in qualitative/ethongraphic methods, and the material generated is then analysed through cognitive and psychological theories. My ambition is to nuance simplified assumtions about human behaviours, and to develop methodological strategies for studying atypical individuals. This requires a collaborative approach, meaning that the people studied are assigned the role of experts, while I am the one learning from them.